Schools Recycling

Schools Recycling

Schools Recycling Competition 2023/24

Swapkit New Zealand are looking for the school that can recycle the most phones in its campaign to keep our environment clean and safe from unwanted mobile phones.

We are proud to launch our Green Flag initiative to encourage all schools to order a recycle pack and enter the race to see which school can collect and recycle the most mobile phones this school term,

The initiative is to encourage schools to recycle there unwanted mobile phones, when you sign up and send Swapkit back your first batch of phones, you will be entered in to our Map of New Zealand and given our Green Flag approval

everyone who visits our page will see that your school is supporting recycling and preventing unwanted mobile phones from ending up in landfills across New Zealand.

All schools that enter will be in with a chance to Win a fantastic prize made up of Technology products worth $5,000

Your school will receive a email in early 2019 explaining the full terms & conditions to sign up and recycle to win win win.

Did you know Swapkit NZ has recycled over 1.2million mobile phones and prevented them from going in to landfill sites across New Zealand with your continued help we want to try get that number to 1.4million

by the end of 2019/20.

Three simple steps to order your recycle pack that will be delivered Free of charge to your school

Step 1 - Add the Recycle pack product to your cart below 

Step 2 - When this is added to your cart Checkout and and fill in your delivery name and address So we can send the collection pack to your school.

Step 3 - We will then post you down your collection pack (Anywhere in New Zealand) that will include a collection box, envelopes to be distributed to all the pupils, posters & helpful hints and tips.

Step 4 - When you have collected the phones just contact us on 09 377 4750 and we will arrange a collection of your phones and once you have the correct amount of phones collected we will then send your new products to school. It really is that simple. So get collecting now. If you have any questions just call our Team on 09 377 4750

Social Responsibilities

At Swapkit NZ, we believe that corporate success and the well-being of society are highly interdependent. As such, we embrace the responsibility that comes with our actions and encourage making a positive impact on our customers, employees, stakeholders, local communities and the environment through our philanthropic support for numerous Charity foundations here in New Zealand.

To date, our corporate social responsibility efforts have focused on children's health and mental issues (Autism is in the forefront of that). We support local communities through partnerships with local charity organizations and sponsorship programs. We also acknowledge the potential for using cutting-edge technology -- both as a platform for providing access to knowledge and information, for example ALL(Animated Language Learning) and CHASE(against Bullying), and as a vehicle for providing a wide variety of services-- to enable richer, safer and more fulfilling learning experiences and lives.

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