Recycling Scheme Re:Mobile

Recycling Scheme Re:Mobile

New Zealand’s coastlines and waterways are better off as a result of tens of thousands of mobile phones recycled each year through RE:MOBILE. For every phone recycled with RE:MOBILE money is donate to Sustainable Coastlines, an award-winning charity which is helping to protect New Zealand’s coastlines and waterways.

Sustainable Coastlines’ mission is to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love. They do this by coordinating and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, litter data collection, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects.

The money donated by RE:MOBILE has seen over 14,600 trees and plants planted alongside waterways around Aotearoa.

Planting native trees alongside rivers helps to remove nutrients, slow sediment runoff and stop chemicals from entering the water, all which help to improve the water quality. The trees also help to reduce erosion and increases the habitat for native birds and other species.

A 2018 Colmar Brunton opinion poll found that 82% of respondents were extremely or very concerned about the pollution of lakes and rivers*. And they should be concerned because 94% of rivers in urban areas and 82% of rivers in pastoral farming areas in Aotearoa are not suitable for swimming in**. 69% of New Zealand’s rivers deemed unsafe for swimming after rainfall due to contamination, and the Ministry for the Environment Report ‘Our freshwater 2020’, shows that water quality and habitat for our native animals is declining. Improving the health of our waterways is critical.

RE:MOBILE is proud to be able to support Sustainable Coastlines’ long term vision of beautiful beaches, healthy waters and inspired people.

Find out more about Sustainable Coastlines and how you can get involved.

How to recycle

We make it easy for you to recycle your phone with RE:MOBILE by providing many different ways for you to get your phone to us

Before you donate your mobile phone:

There are four steps which we encourage you to do before you donate your mobile phone.

  1. If the phone still turns on, disconnect it from any cloud service and complete a factory reset to erase any data from the phone.
  2. Remove your sim card from the phone and keep it.
  3. Leave the battery in the phone.
  4. Switch the phone off.

Now your phone is ready to be donated to RE:MOBILE

How to get your mobile phone to RE:MOBILE:

  1. Post or courier them to us using one of these addresses

Free Post                                                              COURIER

RE:MOBILE                                                                               RE:MOBILE

c/o Swapkit Ltd                                                                        c/o Swapkit Ltd

PO Box 8746                                                                            Unit 6/30 Fleet Street

Symonds Street                                                                       Eden Terrace

Auckland 1150                                                                         Auckland 1021

         2.Drop it off at any One NZ, 2Degrees or Spark Retail store or any of our other collection points.

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