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Retail Trade in

Buy back Manager simplifies the trade in process across multiple retail outlets by providing a real time the trade in process across multiple retail outlets by providing a real time central management console. Using the same product file across all your trade-in channels, Buy-Back Manager provides multi retail operation with full head office transparency and control. The integrated web dispatch program generates all you need to complete a transaction. including purchase orders, invoices, receipts, voucher issues etc. Wherever required, be it at warehouse, back office administration, or at POS, Buy-Back Manager allows for a seamless trade in process.

Whether you are a traditional retailer, Network or a web only company, Buy-Back Manager affords you the opportunity to provide Seamless Trade in and Buy Back solutions to your customers. Our easy to use interface, and simple steps process, ensures both employees and customers have a positive Trade-In experience

Online Trade in Websites & Asset Apps

Our online trade in solution's are developed for networks and retailers with high online traffic in mind, Swapkit NZ can provide retailers with the tools and logistical needed to implement their very own used product trade in program, through their own website. Online trade in are fast becoming an important way to assist with cross selling online.

In addition, retailers can benefit from a new revenue stream they once missed out on. For more details please click here   

Enterprise Tool

Corporate/Enterprise: Swapkit's Enterprise tool was developed with a Telco's business department in mind. SKNZ Enterprise provides a Business Development Executive (BDE) with a system to easily evaluate and price multiple devices belonging to a business customer in seconds. Once completed, the business customer will receive a quote for their old hardware. If the business customer looks to proceed, they can then trade in their used company handsets to receive the quoted value off new devices or even apply the credit off future company mobile bills. All logistics and grading, data erasing is managed by Swapkit to assist the BDE with a simple job of just to generate the leads. For more details please click here

Asset Management Reward Tool

Swapkit is providing retailers, networks, large corporate's with the AMR tools and logistical support to help them recover the best values in the market for the used unwanted devices. Our friendly purchasing team help give a quote to manage expectations of what your old assets are worth. We then arrange a free pick up of all the devices. They are brought to our secure location in Auckland New Zealand.

Where we move to step two which is to put your devices through a diagnostics testing facility supported by a dedicated partner NSYS. This will then grade and tell us the health of you devices.

Step 3 is we remove all data and factory reset each device with a certificate to prove all data has been removed from each device.

Because Swapkit control's its own Eco system to resell, were able to fetch the highest yield for your old assets we can offer more value.

This allows you to also benefit from your new fleet of device's if required to be set up , Mobile remote management installed and mobile tested. We then deliver you back your new devices to your HQ or if needed to individual staff across New Zealand. Swapkit has also partners whom can price your next requirements and help save you the time and effort dealing with multi vendors. For more details please click here  

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