About Us

Company Overview

Swapkit New Zealand Limited operates as a specialist provider of state of the art software products in the buyback market and is part of Swapkit Corp Group.

With an extensive history in the mobile handset distribution market, Swapkit recognized the requirement by companies for a fully managed, end to end, trade in and buy back solution. With both 'off the shelf' and 'bespoke' systems, Swapkit serves the needs of clients, ranging from independent retailers, through household multiples, to global networks.

In addition to the provision of serviced software solutions Swapkit works closely with a number of key charities. The implementation of innovative recycling programs has generated substantial revenues for deserved causes, together with positive environmental benefits. To review our product offerings please see our Buy Back & Trade In Solution section.

For further information on our charitable reach please refer to our Proudly supporting section.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to simplify the trade of recycled electronics through the provision of our smart global pricing platform. This innovative Global Electronic Pricing Platform (GEPP) allows our partners to increase revenue, through the provision of a managed recycling solution for their customers. Ease of both integration, and use, makes Swapkit, Your Seamless Trading partner.

Company History

Swapkit NZ was the 5th company to be set up into athecorporate group and is one of the companies located in multiple locations across the globe. Founded on the idea that a gap existed between the demand for pre used handsets, and consumer's awareness of the value of their used device, Swapkit NZ set about matching the same concept been used in other countries.

By introducing Trade In services to Mobile Operators, Swapkit  NZ increased the retail demand by allowing the operator to offer discounts to consumers who Traded In pre used handsets at point of purchase. The success of campaigns within the Telco business led to the demand for similar initiatives across the broader retail sphere. While fully equipped to manage sales, many retailers were not equally tooled up to manage consumer Buy Back. To make this seamless for the retailer, Swapkit developed easy to use software, making Trade In a simple, fully managed, process. Development of both bespoke, and standard 'white label' software, has expanded the product offering from In Store Buy back, through Web Solutions to Telesales. With operations in multiple countries, ranging from small retailers, larger multiples and Telecom operators, Swapkit NZ provides our clients with increased revenue. To review a timeline of our development history with in the Swapkit Corp group, please feel free to click into our Achievements link here.

Social Responsibility

At Swapkit NZ, we believe that corporate success and the well-being of society are highly interdependent. As such, we embrace the responsibility that comes with our actions and encourage making a positive impact on our customers, employees, stakeholders, local communities and the environment through our philanthropic support for numerous Charity foundations here in New Zealand.

To date, our corporate social responsibility efforts have focused on children's health and mental issues (Autism is in the forefront of that). We support local communities through partnerships with local charity organizations and sponsorship programs. We also acknowledge the potential for using cutting-edge technology -- both as a platform for providing access to knowledge and information, for example ALL(Animated Language Learning) and CHASE(against Bullying), and as a vehicle for providing a wide variety of services-- to enable richer, safer and more fulfilling learning experiences and lives.